• • •  is your outstanding partner for press brake services and parts supply for various press brake makes and types

• • •  tackles electronical, hydraulical and mechanical problems

• • •  offers a unique service through the specific knowledge of highly skilled employees with over 30 years of working experience in this field

• • •  offers a worldwide network of cooperating engineers enabling us to keep your press brakes producing with minimun down time

• • •  can ship spare parts directly from stock to you or our service partner

• • •  offers consulting services for complicated sheet metal products and processes

• • •  can supply tooling and will be of assistance whenever specific advice is requested.

Whenever you have a problem, with your press brake or pressbrake controller, please contact D-DESIGN.
Send an e-mail to pdieperink@d-design.pro with the following information:

  • Make [brand] of your press brake
  • Year of manufacture
  • Machine number
  • Bending force
  • Bending length
  • Make [brand] of the controller
  • Number of the controller
  • Year of manufacture

You can also send the type plate photographs of your press and controller.
With the above information please send us a short report about the machine problem you have.
D-DESIGN, or our competent service partner will contact you as soon as possible.