“Low Friction” Dies have been developed to meet the high demands of the sub-contractors who offer continual product improvement to their end-users. By using new production techniques, new materials and years of tooling experience a new tooling product has been developed offering great value for money.  It can be used for almost any application and will be a major advantage for use in the midrange and heavy sheet metal industry.


Price  >  Great value for money
Bending Pressure  > Reduced
Wear > Minimal, including on chequer  plate
Marking of the products  > Minimal
Weight  > 60% of standard dies
Standard sections  > Available
Length adjustment, Increased  > No problem
Length adjustment, Reduced  > No problem
Maximum bending force  > Within standard tooling limits
Replacement of the Rollers  > Very easy
Mounting of Soft Rollers  > No problem
Delivery time  > Short
Max. Sheet thickness  > No limit
Tool mounting system  > Virtually any system
V-Width  > Any
 Die Angle  > Almost any