Mod Eva 19T

The elegant ModEva 19T is the latest evolution in the ModEva family, and the first ModEva to be entirely touchscreen
With a 2D or 3D graphic display and a broad range of features, ModEva 19T can be adapted to standard press-brakes, up to the most sophisticated models controlling a maximum of 18 axes.
Using one of four different modes, the programming and setting up of the bending of a part can be as quick, easy and comfortable as the operator wants it to be.
ModEva 19T offers multi-simulation capability. It displays several choices of optimal bending sequences solutions. The operator can visualize the position of the sheet between the tools and define the criteria for the collision detection.
ModEva 19T can manage sophisticated features such as complex bending aids, angle measurement, or slave axes, among others. The software naturally also enables manufacturers to configure axes, inputs/outputs, and auxiliary functions according to their needs, and best of all gives them an area on the screen where they can add their own buttons.