MSC the ultimate solution for high quality press brake bending.

In the beginning of the eighties, hydraulical and mechanical crowning systems came up and improved the performance of press brakes considerably.

The problem of these crowning systems, adopted to a press brake,  only function optimal, when:
1.  The geometry and function of the press is excellent.

2.  The punch and die holder are in good condition.

3.  Punches and dies are in excellent condition.

4.  The sheet/plate quality,thickness and configuration are optimal.

Above circumstances,  will often not occur under production circumstances.

When one or more of above items are not optimal, the bent angle will not be correct over the full bending lenght of the bent product.                                                                          
As the Mechatronic Segmented Crowning  can adapt the crowning in each segment the above discrepansies can be corrected.

When programming a product, on the controller of a press brake, the crowning computer will calculate automatically  the optimal theoretical crowning and will set the wedges.

When during test bending or bending, the operator finds angle differences, he can manually correct bend by bend in the crowning  computer, the crowning diagram, thus correcting the product.

The corrections can be stored under the product number, in the crowning computer.

When the product is called again for a repeat order, the crowning will be as after the last corrections.